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TMNT for MUGEN Leonardo by Dcat Released! (1/23/2011)

Finally reached a point of completion with these guys. Their special intros with one another won't be triggered in WinMugen (its some weird thing that the old engine can't pick up on.). Anyway, if you want to use them to their fullest you need to install them in MUGEN 1.0. Please let me know any bugs or issues you find, thanks.

*** Peter Laird & Kevin Eastman's MIRAGE studios for first developing the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and bringing joy to millions of kids
and adults alike through the franchise

*** Cybaster, Shwa, & RajaaBoy for thoroughly beta testing each turtle ad nauseum
& the various gameplay fixes and suggestions throughout
*** Cyanide for Helper binding fix
*** RicePigeon, Cyanide, Caddie for fall.defence_up/damage dampener workarounds
*** N-Mario for first getting me interested in creating MUGEN content

*** Special thanks to Seurat, Oldmanwinters, R-iZZy, The Ninjinister
from the Technodrome Forums for Idea Engineering

& Lastly you, for your amazing patience, enjoy.

UPDATE - 1/24/2011

The Problem with the Intros not activating in WinMugen has been resolved by KojiroBADNESS!
I feel like I'm a bit of a broken record here but I reccomend everyone redownload each character. They are now fully backwards compatible with WinMugen and their special intros will display thanks to KojiroBADNESS rewriting the triggers.

Apparently WinMugen has an issue with not recognizing Enemies at the start of a round so he fixed the initial triggers I'd written to p2name and everything works flawlessly. Please update them yet again.


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