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Ironicly the time where he is given Raph’s sai as a weapon he gives off an impression of it being a weapon he’s not really comfortable with. As a genius he does know his brothers depend on him to help keep the lair functioning and also to help in situations where mechanical ingenuity is needed. But this is all stuff he does on his own which does at times cause unitentional problems such as accidentally blowing up the lair or not factoring in that something he’s created for the purpose of healing would have negative results. And occasionally even his efforts alone are just not enough to save the situation as a result he feels distressed about this because he feels he let his family down. During the space arc he had found himself confronted with levels of intellect that both mirrored and exceeded his own. Being the smartest member of the team the other turtles don’t feel intimidated, but they do feel lost when it comes to technical issues. With the fugitoid it gave Donnie someone else he could really him someone he could measure himself against intellectually and also taste of what his brothers go through some times when he lapses into science babble. He is loyal to a fault though and strives to protect those he sees as family and companions and will protect them even at the cost of his own life.

His strongest relationships among his brothers are with Leo and with Mikey for very different reasons. Leo is his older brother and of course leader and generally Donnie would loyally follow his older brothers lead. Though there are times where will disregard or turn against Leo’s orders because he doesn’t agree with them or he doesn’t see any reason to follow him. And on rare occasions when Leo crosses a line that just feels like a slap in the face for all of Donnie’s efforts. These disagreements don’t happen often and don’t last very long and there is general regret after all is said and done.

With Mikey, Donnie often played the straight man for Mikey’s goofiness. But as the younger brothers of the team the two of them find commiseration in each other. Donnie is easily irritated by Mikey since he does often with stuff from the lab or has to have things explained to him more then once. But Mikey is also Donnie’s only younger brother and because of that he is protective of him. Though he will make comments at Mikey’s expense simply because he knows they will fly over his younger brothers head.

Mikey is the resident knuckle head and youngest member of the family. He has the most optimistic view point and sees good in things his brothers fail to. At first he had the most childish mindset and a rather wild imagination which caused his brothers and even his father to have trouble taking him seriously. But as the series progresses he begins to show that he is capable of coming up solutions and resolving problems successfully. And can surprisingly figure out technology that Donnie finds challenging.
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