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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
Currently working on Love Is Shell, my TMNT on-going romance. It's all in first-person POV from the two main characters- my OC and Mikey, who has his chapters in the form of journal entries. Almost finished with his latest chapter, which tells about what happened after making a deal with Krang to make him human for a day, and fills in a few of the gaps of what went on before they met up that day. It also shows his thoughts and feelings on what they did on their "date" during his day as a human, and- well, he's just really fun to write!

I also started a T-cest story (my first, and probably only one) and I have a plot bunny hopping around for a Quantum Leap crossover story which promises to be interesting. Sam will DEFINITELY have a hard time dealing with THIS leap! (And I imagine Donnie would have a field day with Sam's experiments.)
Your Love is Shell story sounds really interesting, read the first chapter and its great.
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