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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Not nearly enough.
As a fellow fan of the series, do you have any feelings on how it progressed? Maybe it's just me, but I read from about #18 onwards, not really enjoying it much, but went back to the first several issues after and even the pencils appeared more detailed and the panel layouts more creative. Seems like there was an initial boost of adrenaline that wore off by the end. The series literally started off with a bang.
I really enjoyed the few pages we got in the 30th anniverssary issue though, despite the limited and basic nature of the story. Hoping for more of that.

And I like beer as much as anyone else. I even love "you had to be there", the story where Mikey is drunk as hell. But this reads like a 13 year old trying to bring up beer as much as possible, in order to make his story seem more adult.

Also there are cringey lines of exposition like "Mommy April wants you, daddy!" ....."Mommy April?" Kids don't say that. Find a different way to let the audience know that April is the mom.

Then there's "Call me Lady Shredder! Though I'm not very lady-like!" or Raphael calling Mikes girlfriend "retarded" leading Mikey to insinuate that he received a blowjob from her.

I love a lot about this series. Especially as a piece of TMNT-history, for how far out and unique it is. It just really struck me that the series isn't as great as I once thought. At least the later issues. Still, as I said, I'm greatly looking forward to seeing the issues in color, reading the conclusion, and hopefully picking up a hardcover omnibus of the series.

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