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Originally Posted by Harukuro View Post
Let me just start by saying that I love what you and Tom Waltz have done with Mikey in this comic. Most incarnations of TMNT place Mikey solely in the role of "comic relief" as opposed to giving him actual depth and character development. So thank you very much for that, especially since he's my favourite turtle.

As for my question: I have been curious about something for a while now. Back when Slash was going to inject himself with the psychotropic compound he cites Mikey as a reason for it because he wants to be a "hero" like Mikey. This emphasis on being a "hero", as well as his admiration for Mikey, is something that has consistently been present in Slash's character. But while I can see why Slash admires Mikey so much, I am not certain why he views the turtle as a "hero" specifically.

So my question basically is: why does Slash see Mikey as a hero, and when did this specific focus on being a "hero" begin?
This question is very familiar to me... did you send it in to Ninja Notes? If so, I think I answer it in an upcoming issue!

But to keep you from waiting: While Hob took Slash in, he's not the nicest of guys. So Mikey was the first person to show Slash any sort of kindness in his entire life, when he offered Slash a candy bar during City Fall. This made a big impression on Slash's then-mental-state, that carried over to his full intelligence. Basically, I think Slash was exposed to a lot terrible things early on in his life, so when he sees the Turtles (other creatures like himself) do good and strive to be good, it makes a big impression and he considers them heroes.

Good question, thanks!
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