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Originally Posted by myconius View Post
Bobby it was really an honor meeting you at last year's NYCC.

this here is not a real question (and you probably don't remember) my brother and i were two of the last people to show up to get passes to meet Kevin.
i really hope i wasn't geeking out TOO badly?

OK! so my question is about the Free Comic Day 'Prelude to Vengeance' issue.

it was released right after issue #55, but the Trade Paperback places it after issue #56.

i was wondering what was the reading-order placement for the Free issue?

thank you
Ha, i've seen a lot of people geek out about meeting Kevin. No worries, I was one of them too the first time it happened (probably first, like, ten times)

FCBD, due it's release date not being something I had any direct control over, is a little bit of a weird thing-- especially as we needed to have it finished well in advance of TMNT #45 due to Diamond's special printing schedule for FCBD.

Basically, part of FCBD happens after TMNT #46 (Shredder surveying Stockman) and part of it happens before (Hun vs. TMNT). I'm just glancing through the issues right now, so I may have part of that wrong, but it's something along those lines. There's no way it slots in perfectly, so I think either placement for your personal reading order will work. Nothing crucial happens in FCBD from a story perspective, so you could also just skip it.
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