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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
Again to do something like those Batman games would be costly. No developer wishes currently to spend that kind of money.

It's still IDW so it's still only going to appeal to fans of one iteration of TMNT.
Well if we're talking major studio game development, any game is going to cost a significant amount of money. The initial investment shouldn't prevent a game with a sound concept from being made. People don't want to play a TMNT that may or may not be good just because it features the TMNT, people want to play a good game that features the TMNT.

And as far as IDW versus Fred Wolf, the Fred Wolf cartoon's time is over. FW still appeals to certain collectors who appreciate the nostalgia and are willing to spend a lot of their available income on it, but most people who are fans of the TMNT are more casual; they may be willing to spend a portion of their money on TMNT merchandise from the various iterations of the franchise but not exclusively FW. Therefore if a game developer were to make plans on creating a TMNT game they would be better to have a wider appeal and tap into a wider share of the market by appealing to fans of TMNT in general, rather than fans of FW exclusively, which IDW's iteration of the franchise does very well. It's not as dark as Mirage but not as goofy as Fred Wolf, it takes inspiration from almost all iterations of the franchise it can. It's very middle-of-the-road, but in a good way in my opinion.
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