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I have several dream TMNT games.

In no particular order:

1.) Tournament Fighters "4" (or you know, a successor to TF).
Made by Arc Systems or SNK.
Basically, gather all playable fighters from across all TF games (minus company exclusives like Sisifus if it's too much trouble) then add fan favorites like Slash, Metalhead, Leatherhead, etc. and make one hell of an amazing new Turtles fighting game in HD.

2.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Warriors
Made by Tecmo Koei.
Basically, your usual Dynasty Warriors with a coat of TMNT paint.
The locales would be present-day New York City, the sewers, the Triceraton asteroid, the Federation planet, Shredder's hideout, ancient Japan (or modern Japan), Usagi Yojinbo's dimension, and so on.
You could fight hordes of Purple Dragons, Foot Ninja, Mousers, Triceratons, other mutants, and have epic boss battles where teamwork is key!

3.) A REAL anniversary celebration TMNT Smash Up (as promised).
Made by Namco Bandai.
The goal for this game would be to draw as many people as possible to a rich, platform fighter experience. Doesn't have to be based in percentage, life bars are fine but with the mobility of a platform-fighter.
The game should include Turtles characters from the comics, tv series, movies, etc.
Maybe so it's not full of duplicate characters, take the favorite incarnation of each character, and work on a moveset around it.
For example, if most people like reporter April O'Neil, then give her a moveset based on reporter stuff. Or if people like say, the bulky Slash from 2012, then go for that. (Hopefully a lot of research goes into this).
And for all that's holy, have each Turtle have an alternate costume that's based on each show/movie model, if at least loosely based on it so they can all be the same size,

Just once I'd love for them to take a few risks instead of going the usual tired beat-em-up style. Or at least try to make one that can stand up to the original Turtles in Time (heck, pull a TMNT:Rebirth) without complicating the formula too much that it gets hard to get into.
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