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Well, really that Pandora’s box was cracked open long ago. Nick's just the first cartoon to totally go for it no holds barred. lol (Save for the 'holds' required of a "kids show.")

Not to go off topic for a second, but I'm curious though... Who and where was the first Turtle in any media form to show any obvious feelings toward a human? (Not just speculation or reading into it by reader/viewer.) Was it Leo's crush on Lotus that aired in late 1989 or did Mirage previously jump in with something in its first 5 1/2 years?

Agree though that I likewise doubt this new one will go there (or extremely jokey and vague) if this one is going to be more of a kiddie comedy on a channel like Nick. Betting on more sibling type affection instead. (If there was ever a slight crush/interest on/in anyone, probably a show full of ADD and will be forgotten by the next ep.)
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