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Originally Posted by Jazzfox View Post
Well, I know this board has been inactive for a good long while, buuuut with everything going on just now, I wonder if anyone would be interested in RPs/coming up with ideas for RPs?

Was gonna post in the comic forum about whether or not we'd be likely to see an official IDW RPG book maybe, since there is a connection to the 'After the Bomb' RP books going on currently

Anyhow, happy to talk anything RPG related with Turtles right about now, so throwing this message in a bottle out into the internet ocean and seeing what comes back!
Just hopping in. I'm no RP specialist but I confess I'm intrigued by the possibility of a RPG based around the current situation in Mutant Town. I was actually contemplating a post speculating about factions, groups and places inside the town and stuff like that would play into a RP setting.
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