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Name: Catarra

Nickname: That´s up to you.

Age: Unknown, looks like 17 or 18

Gender: Female

Race: Wildcat

Height: 5. feet

Hair: Long soft wavy dark brown hair

Eyes: Green and Yellow

Body: Lithe muscles, alowing her to bend in unatural poses. Sweet looking face, (she´s a cat)

Clothing: Wares as little as possible. Mostly a top and a tatered skirt. But also something more covering like a shirt and strethy pants in greyblue. The color makes her invisible when she moves.

Skills: As an assasin she uses what she can get her hands on or just her hands. she moves fast and silent. If no weapon, she uses her claw like fingernails that she can extend and burrow in living flesh a long way till her prey no longer breathe. She also capable of gathering information from the inside of whereever the information might be.

Goals: To fulfill her duty at 100%

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