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Name: Jay

Age: 17

Species: Mutant Turtle

Height: 5'5

Eyes: brown

Skin: lime green

Build: Same as the 4 TMNT

Mask color: Yellow (mask is the same style as the 4 TMNT)

Other: brown belt with katana seaths on back, brown elbow and knee pads, brown wrist bands. He can turn invisible by pressing the Foot Clan symbol button on his belt.

Weapons: Twin katana swords

Origin: Created in a Foot lab unknown to Shredder or Karai. A scientist working for the Foot took it upon himself to work on a secret project of a mutant turtle. He used new technology to 'download' ninja skills into the turtle's mind. The mutant turtle was accidently released from his genetics tube/chamber a week early. Because of this, loyalty to the scientist, Shredder, and the Foot was not downloaded into his mind.

Is he good or evil? That is unknown at this time.

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