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Michelangelo (Mirror Universe)

Since I'm playing not only Mikey but also his dark counterpart in the "My Immoral Image" RP thread, I thought I'd post a bio for him so you folks can see what I have in mind for the character.

Savannah, Turtle in the Shell, let me know if I'm off-base about the way I'm seeing this mirror universe.

Name: Michelangelo (he refuses to go by "Mike" or "Mikey")

Age: Same as the Mikey in "Immoral Image" (I'd guess 16 or 17?)

Species: Mutant Turtle

Height: 5'5

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Forest Green

Build: Similar to his counterpart, though there are subtle differences. Primarily, he's a bit more haggard than the Mikey we're used to, since he's had a harder life.

Mask color: Orange

Other: Brown belt, brown elbow and knee pads, brown wrist bands. (As far as I know the mirror TMNT don't dress any differently from the standard versions, but I could be wrong).

Weapons: One kusari-gama, a chain weapon with a metal weight at one end and a kama-like handle and scythe blade at the other. He gave up on his nunchaku years ago.

Personality: At an early age, Michelangelo was a lot closer to the plucky, easygoing party animal we're used to, but he and his brothers found themselves going down a much darker path. Along the way, Michelangelo lost not only his father-figure Splinter, but also his sense of humor. The wellspring of anger that this emotional turtle's sense of humor had once kept at bay drove him to become bitter amd angry.

He carries around a chip on his shoulder, he's standoffish and territorial toward his brothers. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, just as he always has, but he guards his feelings by convincing himself that he feels nothing. This doesn't always work, and he's prone to infrequent bouts of rage. He seems to have become more like the standard version of Raphael than most could have foreseen. In battle, he fights wildly and visciously, as if he has nothing to lose -- and at this point in his life he believes he doesn't.

The bottom line, though, is that somewhere in this turtle is the Mikey we know and love ... but he's arguably been hit the hardest by the lawless life he and his brothers have led. But he's not about to admit that to anyone, especially himself.
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