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Did the dialogue get worse over time?

So I got the DVDs for Season 4 and marathoned through them. Here's the thing, I noticed that a lot of the dialogue didn't seem to make much sense. Seemed like the characters just said things because they would seem dramatic, but ended up feeling cliché and a little out of place.

Here's an example from The War for Dimension X:

Originally Posted by The War for Dimension X
-They have fought the Kraang and are worthy of your help.

-The Utrom are already aware of the Turtles and all of the good they have done for the planet Earth.

-So why didn't ya help us before?

-Because Earthlings cannot always be trusted! You are an irrational species. Still, you should know the truth about the Utrom.
Never mind how Rook seemingly thought of the Turtles as humans, did anything else about this make sense? The council say they are aware of all the good they've done, yet say they haven't helped out before (keep in mind that Bishop's intrusion technically hadn't happened yet) because they didn't feel they could be trusted. Then for some reason, they decide to segway into the origin of the Kraang, which nobody asked to know about. (And the following origin story is the reverse of what Bishop claimed in the season 3 finale, but that's a different type of flaw in the writing). The episode provide plenty examples of what I'm talking about, it's just that I noticed that one in particular as weird.

The point is that I didn't really notice as much awkward dialogue in the earlier seasons, which makes me wonder if it got worse with time?
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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