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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
I remember the score to WarGames selling pretty fast.
Strange. I remember picking that one up from Intrada much later than when it was released, as I had heard of them nor bought from them until they released James Horner's score for Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

The strange thing about that WarGames release is that many of the cues actually have lyrics. An example of this is the track "History Lesson," which in the film is the cue where David is digging into Professor Falken's past. I guess these were intended as songs originally, but they wisely opted for the instrumentals. Unfortunately, the film versions weren't included, but I highly doubt this will be the last WarGames release.

Space Camp sold out fast. I was lucky to get it. But, man, I had to basically plan my schedule around those releases, which is why I eventually got exhausted because it could be a hassle sometimes.

But what is awesome about Intrada is that they are now able to extend quantities. So if people keep buying them, they can press some more. Of course, when they announced this, some were irked because not having that "special number" on the back of those CDs made their collection "less valuable," which is why I hate collectors. They care more about the allure of having it, not the music itself.
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