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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
Isn't that just the first Transformers cartoon with some overly elaborate transitions edited in?
Ironically, I've always felt the CGI at the beginning of it, looks like it would've made for a pretty cool G2 Transformers series.

Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
Competing with the TMNT during the Turtlemania peak years probably wasn't easy for that series.
The New Adventures of He-Man didn't necessarily compete with the original TMNT cartoon. In the Chicago market it aired on the same channel. So if anything, the original TMNT series might've allowed for more people to be exposed to the the second He-Man cartoon, versus how many would've seen it otherwise.

Originally Posted by shredder orokusaki View Post
it will last as long as it takes me to kill turtles and splinter

Originally Posted by Cure View Post
A looooong time. This is following the same exact pattern as Teen Titans Go! before it was released, and that show is up to like 200 episodes. This show doesn't look like it's super expensive to make, either.
Yeah, there's absolutey no way of knowing yet what the lifespan of this series is going to be. We don't know yet how much we're going to like it, how many people are going to watch it, how well the toys will sell. WAY to soon to know.
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