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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
If by "hardcore" you mean 1-version-only fans, & by "community" you mean Facebook/Tumblr, sure... Arguably it's this site best known for being hardcore, & Rise has been met by many an open mind here.

There is no way to know that. It looks like something that kids will like, & their vote matters more than yours or mine. If that demographic is happy, they'll have a respectable run. 30 year old men crying about their ruined childhoods do not matter. It is entirely possible that this show will perform poorly for being too different, but again, it will be many kids' first experience with TMNT (i.e. key viewers will have no bias) & we haven't even seen a second of animation yet. Not to mention if the (promising) toyline does well, this'll stick around.

& there it is. Thinly veiled hate thread. You clearly don't understand how the industry works, either.

Hate? I don't hate anything about this new show. I have not seen it yet. Just asking a speculative question.
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