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The 3rd movie will always be my second favorite of the original trilogy. It had a lot of heart warming moments, and allows the turtles to interact with more people. Mikey saving Yoshi from the burning building, Leo giving him CPR, and Raph bonding with the kid. A lot of great little moments. Like everyone said, they can use their weapons again, so that's nice. The conflict between the turtles wanting to stay because people appreciate them, versus going home to where they belong. A plot involving rebellion and war (though could be more fleshed out). Casey Jones being in there again.

For everyone saying the movie would be better if it had better suits, I also agree. Imagine if someone gets the money to take the existing movie, and use CGI to replace the suits with effects that look closer to the original movie. Nothing needs to be changed, just replace the turtles with CGI. Well done CGI of course.

First footage of the new R rated TMNT movie.
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