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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
The same could have been said about Dr. Hurt and The Black Glove operation and Leviathan afterwards. The latter of which never had time to fully to develope before the reboot cut it off. The before all of that Hush, an individual opposed to the head of an evil organization started, strong with a big story had a period of lagging that went nowhere and then got back to being a notable threat. Yet between Pushback and Heart of Hush did not have quality anywhere near it. His character was almost derailed pretending to be Bruce Wayne after Bruce was missing in time yet managed to vome through it. Any of these three organizations don't seem to have a lasting impact beyond the writer who created them and could make just one single story memorable for many years. Then it gets stale. Instead of building one big storyline thevwriters don't try to spread the wealth of the charactet. Forcing a single big story down our rhroats does not hold in the long term. The character can be added to as time progresses and we get a break and see other villains roate in. It worked for Ras' all those years ago and despite Hush strughling it worked out overall. I don't see any of the three being a reoccuring foe for decades to come. Just a notable threat within a decade.
I feel like Leviathan was well-written, even though I despise Grant Morrison's Batman stuff. Talia created an entire organization to 1) conquer the world but more importantly 2) destroy everything Bruce stands for.
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