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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
Cylons I'm shocked and dismayed. Voyager your least favorite? SKIP IT?! You blasphemer!! Janeway and her crew were among tbe most interesting and well-developed characters, and had the added bonus of being COMPLETELY independant of the Federation since they were stuck flying blind in the Gamma Quadrant. And we got to see Q ask her to have his baby- certainly one of MY most memorable Trek moments, LOL!!

As an aside, no Cy, you're not the only Trekkie here. But I'd just as soon only watch the first couple of seasons of DS9. I got kind of bored with tbe political undertones it constantly threw at us.
See, I LOVE DS9. The politics, the wars, the religion, the humanity, the non-Federation of it all.

Voyager bored me. I wish it had been more like Battlestar Galactica (the new version). Nobody ever ran out of photon torpedoes, or gel packs, or dilithium, or anything. It never felt desperate.

I'll watch it for the EMH Doctor and Seven of Nine, but otherwise, snooze.
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