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Originally Posted by victory_angel View Post
They seem to have a lot of Donnie and April interactions in the recording sessions. This isn’t all together surprising since April does frequently interact with Donatello in various incarnations though much of the time the companionship is a platonic psuedo sibling variety.

However the Pandora’s box of a turtle falling in love with a human has been cracked open and that aspect would certainly be something that will be visible in upcoming incarnations from here on out. Hopefully if they do go Don O’Neil or Apritello, or just have Casey come into the picture midway then give the situation a more satifying conclusion then ending on a vague “I guess this means their a couple now” and confirming the out come in a non-cannonical music video. Only to have Casey, April, and Karai supposedly being vaporized via a mutagen bomb.
Who knows, as this show is going to be different maybe they won't go there this time.

I won't care about this show like 2012 but still curious to see the approach they are taking.

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