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Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
They probably ditched blank tapes around that time, but I could have sworn that they had stopped selling pre-recorded VHS earlier than that.

I know that Best Buy and Target stopped selling pre-recorded VHS material around late 2003 or earlier. I didn't even realize that until a time when I was at a Best Buy in late 2003, when someone was asking about Finding Nemo on VHS, and the associate he was asking told him that they no longer sell VHS material. I know they were still selling blank VHS tapes, but I don't remember when they phased those out. Anyway, since I heard the Best Buy associate mention that they no longer sell material on VHS, I remember checking Target to see if they also ditched material on VHS, and they had. I'm pretty sure I checked Wal-Mart around that time and saw no pre-recorded VHS material. I even saw that Blockbuster even stopped renting out VHS movies. The only stores that were still selling pre-recorded VHS material at that time, however, were Tower Records, Sam Goody, and Suncoast.

I think the last time I ever bought blank VHS tapes was back in 2013. It was from a Walgreens, and I bought them to record episodes of Digimon Fusion's first season.

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