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Originally Posted by SilverNinja View Post
Does anyone know where to get the previous exclusive releases with better paint and nifty velvet boxes (the 2012 style figures)?
At this point? eBay is best bet. It's been 6 years and the Toy Fair 2012 figures was not sold but given out to TF12 attendees in a goodie bag, and at this point those who own a figure probably are the ones who want to keep them.

But there's always someone who needs to sell something. Although I'd guess the price would be really high, iirc some figures went for $400 on the second hand marked when things was at the craziest.

Edit: the last Toy Fair 2012 Turtle listing on eBay sold for $120

The previous Comic Con exclusives wouldn't be too hard to find, they where usually available for sale outside of the convention
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