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The Nintendo UK Store had the game available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch. You can Google it and see that the page is still up, but it's no longer accessible.

Some are speculating that the Switch port reveal is being saved for a Nintendo Direct, some are speculating that a Switch port was planned but cancelled, while others are speculating it's only a timed exclusive and a Switch Port will come out next year. Either way I hope we get a Switch port sometime in the near future.
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And yeah, I was sad that the original VA's for the old Crash Bandicoot games didn't return to the N Sane Trilogy. I think Clancy Brown is still in the VA business. I read (from a Youtube commenter) that Michael Ensign retired. I'm not sure what Mel Winkler or Brendan O'Brien are doing nowadays.

The other VA's sound okay. I thought that it was cool to hear Lex Lang and Debi Derryberry reprise their former roles.
Well Clancy Brown is the voice of Mr. Krabs on Spongebob so of course he's still in the business. I don't think Michael Ensign retired since his IMDB shows he's still active, though he hasn't done any video game voice work since Infamous 2 released in 2011. Mel Winkler's IMDB page shows he hasn't been in anything since 2008, but Brendan O'Brien said in an interview back in 2012 that he'd like to return.

But yeah I thought everyone in the remake was good and I was also happy to hear Debi Derryberry and Lex Lang return. Jess Harnell surprised me with how well he was able to mimic Brendan O'Brien. The only two voices I found off were Ripper Roo, though only because the original laugh was just so iconic, and Doctor Nitrus Brio. in the original N. Brio had a more higher crazy-like voice, in the remake I find his voice is too subdued and calm for someone that's supposed to stutter and laugh uncontrollably. I don't fault the voice actor because it's Maurice LaMarche, one of the most versatile performers in the business who I know can do a voice much closer to the original, but who ever was in charge of casting and/or directing for having him just do his standard Orson Wells/Vincent Price impression...which is always a delight to hear mind you. It's just that I don't think that style of voice perfectly matches a zany character like Doctor N. Brio. Even then I think that's just a minor nitpick and I did overall enjoy the performance.
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