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Ultimate Visual History Book Autographs...


So I love going to conventions. When meeting celebrities from my favorite franchises, I like to try & find a universal item that anyone from whatever that specific thing is can sign. In the case of the Turtles, it's my Ultimate Visual History book.

Here's what I've collected so far.

Page 1 includes Sean Aston - Raph '12 Toon,
Stephen Amell - Casey Jones OotS, & Brian Tee - Shredder OotS

Page 2 has Stan Saki - Yosagi Creator, Greg Cipes - Mikey '12 Toon, Leif Tilden - Donnie '90 Suit Actor, Sheamus - Rocksteady OotS, & Keith Silverstein - Kirby O'Neil '12 Toon

Page 3 is just Kevin Eastman

Page 4 has Jeffrey Combs - Rat King '12 Toon & Lauro Chartland - Mikey Next Mutation Suit

And Page 5 has Kirby Marrow - Mikey Next Mutation Voice, Veronica Taylor - April '03 Toon, Freddy Williams III - TMNT/Batman comic artist, & Jon Heder - Napoleon Bonafrog '12 Toon

In July, I'm supposed to be meeting Rob Paulsen so that'll be two more Turtles down!
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