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Great list!

Originally Posted by DrSpengler View Post
Also, I don't own the second printing of the Michealangelo (microseries) #1 which contained a short Christmas story or the Tales Vol. 1 TPB which contained an additional Nobody short story, so I wasn't able to place those in the continuity.

If anybody DOES own them, please, help me figure out where they belong.
The Nobody story:
The Turtles and Nobody are aware of each other (well, duh)
The Turtles basically run into Nobody while out on patrol.
I had to check #48 to see if anyone there referred to Tales #2 as something like "the last time we met", but nope. So, it can go anywhere during a time period where the Turtles are living in Northhampton, sometime after Tales #2.

Originally Posted by DrSpengler View Post
Also, how old were the TMNT in the very first issue? I'm sure I read it somewhere but I can't remember.

I need to know so that I can more accurately place "Fifteen Years Later" (since the TMNT are 15 years old in that story).
Splinter says: "...the mission for which I have trained you these past thirteen years"

In Vol. 1 #7, the Turtles are "fifteen and one half years old", according to Splinter

(Other ages: Return to New York is three years after #1, and according to a later letter column, Shades of Grey takes place "sometime shortly after issue 21 and Return to New York left off")

Addition: Challenges, which takes place sometime early in the Exile part of the chronology. But I'd put it after Tales #1, since that's shortly after they've moved in.

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