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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
Yeah, but Gail's run with the book was met with critical disdain (though it's less her fault and more editorial forcing her to make the book too dark), and now the book gets hits simply by pandering to the feminist hipster tumblr crowd, it's far removed from "proper" Batgirl

As for Xavier...he's also regained the use of his legs on and off in tje comics, to the point it was becoming as much a joke as the mansion constantly blowing up (the lattr of which which even got a reference in the Deadpool movie)
that actually was a shame about Gail's Batgirl run! it was SO exhausting all the misery!!!
it's hard to even think about re-reading it even though i love the character!

the Batgirl of Burnside was kind of fun in the beginning, but then it got WAY to patronizing to the feminist hipsters to the point of Extreme nausea and i had to drop the title!!

that was pretty hysterical Deadpool mocking the x-men's mansion constantly blowing up!

best line - "it rhymes with pullverine."
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