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Mayday's birth/death occurred shortly after the Clone Saga. AFAIK, Annie SHOULD have been born sometime after the Civil War/Back in Black timeframe, as M-J was showing the first signs of being pregnant during Back in Black, specifically a scene after Aunt May was shot, while Peter and M-J were in hiding due to both Kingpin's hit going out and being considered a fugitive after he switched sides during Civil War. (He later went to the Raft to visit Fisk in prison and threatened to actually break his "no-kill" rule on him personally if Aunt May died because of the assassination attempt. It was one of Spidey's most brutal moments ever.) In the scene (I think it was at the hospital but it could have been their hotel room- I don't recall exactly which) M-J is in the bathroom throwing up while Peter mentions something about hot dogs. This seems to make her even sicker..... The implication was that she was having a bout of morning sickness, so Annie clearly should have been born sometime after that. Probably during the Secret Invasion if their marriage had remained intact.
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