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Originally Posted by MrTMNT2012 View Post
Because there aren't high-speed chase scenes in EVERY. SINGLE. INCARNATION of the Turtles anyway, right?!
And what do those ever add to things, really? Even when they're used to their best effect, they're almost always action filler to draw out the length of a cartoon episode and/or promote a toy. And even then... how often have those scenes been a major focus of the story? To the point where the vehicles are some of the very first things they're promoting?

Besides, when they are there and the overall product/story is actually worthwhile, they're usually offset by an actual decent plot and some real character work/development. The last movie didn't have those things, and the sequel already has 4+ extra major characters and another "big" chase scene to sandwich in like the mountain sequence last time. Anyone wanna hold out hope that maybe, if there's any time left, they'll manage to fit in little, unimportant things like "plot" and "characterization" this time?

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