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The repeated fake-outs involving and subsequently legit murdering of Splinter. Still probably my biggest irk with this series. It just wasn't necessary IMO. I get the whole "fate is fate, no matter what you try to change or intervene with" perspective they were going for, but I really didn't need to see Splinter impaled and thrown off a rooftop like a sack of trash. It stung more than anything I've ever seen in the entirety of the franchise to date. I'm sure that was entirely the point too, but whatever - I'll always hate it.
Splinter really only died once in the Season 3 finale before he died for good in Season 4, and as we know in Season 3 they went back in time. In the Season 2 finale Shredder badly beats Splinter but nobody ever thought he died. Even after he's thrown in the sewer currents the Turtles reassure each other that Splinter's still alive, and then at the very end of the episode we see Karai rescue him. They never tried to fake out Splinter's death that season, instead it was Shredder getting his revenge on him for beating him in the Season 1 finale.
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