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Managed to find a copy of Fist of Justice #24 so I could check the Digital Webbing story for myself (cost me $7 bucks, too!).

It's hard to tell what sewer era this takes place in. Could be between Vol. 1 #1-2 or it could be Post Return to New York. It likely isn't "Vol. 3" since the Foot aren't supposed to be their enemies anymore (though as Tales Vol. 2 has proven they HAVE had some encounters with rogue Foot Soldiers).

It's a toss-up, but I'd put it in the Post Return to New York era. It can go either way, though.

Also, BEAUTIFUL story. Some of the best computer coloring I've ever seen.

As for Muscle & Faith, I *still* haven't gotten around to reading it. Gonna do that soon, though.
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