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Originally Posted by ***First of Two Latin Kings*** View Post
Does Nick have to give the main license to anyone when it comes up for renewal? Wouldn't it be better to keep it open in order to keep Playmates from having such a stranglehold on companies like NECA? Personally NECA should have the license at this point anyway.
Depends what you mean by main license. Someone (probably Playmates) will always have the main license to do the basic line for the current show aim at kids. But that doesn't mean they have to give Playmates a license that restricts everyone else like they have at the moment.

In recent years Nick/Viacom have seemed more keen to work around Playmates restrictions wherever they can (the Neca figures at conventions, the Japanese Figuarts classic Turtles and the RevolTech Nick Turtles, more licenses for 1/6 scale where Playmates don't have any restrictions, etc). I'm hopeful that when the contract eventually comes up for renewal/renegotiation they separate collectors stuff from the main line. Give Playmates the license for the main kids line but then let others do collector action figures based on older media (Mirage 84 through the Nick 2K16/PD movies). Maybe split the new movie license as well (if/when we get one) so Playmates can do the main line but someone else can do collectors stuff.
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