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Some ruckus in the Norwegian Newspapers, after a school denied students during a holiday celebration to wear the classic Nisse hat, or the Santa hat as most probably will know it.

This was done to be more including with multi-cultural and people with a different religion, which beg to the big question... When did the Santa hat become religious item, or is there an Santa Clause religion I have missed?

Jokes aside, the principal of that school have been hounded in the newspapers since that particular hat, red long hat with white trim and white dot on is a very iconic head dress for Norwegians, not just Christmas related.

So in the newspapers there been several Muslims wearing the Santa hat telling in interviews that it's nothing wrong with the hat, and should be included in a Yule/Winter/Christmas/whateveryoucallit celebration. After all, removing classic traditions is not a very good way of including people or integrating them into a new culture in their new home land.
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