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I think I misworded it. I meant back when City Under Siege aired for the first time that I thought "It would be funny if a mix matched couple like Matt and Sora happened instead of Sora ending up with Tai". That and when Matt talks Sora out of her "finding her place moment" are really the only two connections those two characters had before Matt suddenly asked her to his concert a dozen episodes into season 2.

As for Mimi I thought it would be funny if to make Sora jealous Tai would date her and actually end up together leaving poor akward Joe in the cold. The key segment in Digimon:The Movie seemed to imply Tai/Sora and Mimi/Joe. I completely missed Matt and Sora always intended to be together and Tai was never jealous but protective of a sister figure like you said. Interesting...

Its funny how we are talking cartoon romantic should/ could have relationships 15 years after it aired.

Another odd subject, what is up with Mimi's hair in season 2. Its pink with stars in it and then a few episodes later its lighter than her original hair and puffy then it seems to have gone back to the original style. It makes me think the character designers could not settle on a look.

Edit: As for the profiles I only remember Japanese writing with just the Americanized name should top center of the profile much like the Digi profiles were. Considering its all Japanese text that was never translated I never picked up on it. That was why I assumed Tai, Matt, Sora,Mimi, Izzy, and Joe were all the exact same grade/age.

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