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Originally Posted by Canadian Turtle View Post
Tell us what you might want to see in Volume II, share your ideas about bonus content

*80s cartoon - More In-depth, for example: Thought Process/Development of the 'Europe' episodes, Thought Process/Development/About the Changes and/or creation of the 'Red Sky Episodes', what are some of the specific thoughts/feelings that they've gotten aka feedback from the fans on why the show was so popular, the Decline of the Popularity of the show

*First Movie - If you can't show deleted scenes, have someone talk verbally about all of the scenes (for example, the 'Mikey getting upset and smashing things' which was featured in the comic adaptation...why it was Mikey on top of the barn yelling and yet it was Raph's voice...was there an extended part of the Raph & Casey fight since some pictures have popped up that weren't in the film?). Interviews with voice actors like Robbie Rist and Brian Tochi (who voiced the characters in all 3 live action did they get the job, how was it, what made them come back for all 3, are they proud of it, the current popularity of these characters & films, etc.). The music/soundtrack...maybe even the guys who sang Turtle Power (and what was behind the whole 'Raph is the Leader of the group' quote from the song) or the person who did the music score to all of the flicks.

*Second & Third Film - More than just 1 minute on both flicks. Especially with folks like Ernie Reyes Jr. and such.

*Next Mutation - Since Kevin Eastman seems more like the guy behind it, you could just ask him on a little history behind the inception, creation, the decision behind doing a live action TV show, the initial intent with Venus, and so forth.

*The various 'Might Have Been Films'...from the 'comedians in green make-up' to the 4th live action flick back in the day to the John Woo produced animated flick (fake, real, rumor, etc...since their are written material that says that John Woo himself was a fan of the characters) to the Hallmark Mini-series by Steve Barron (would it have been a sequel to his film? did he have any story ideas?) to the CGI TMNT 2007 sequel (what were the ideas behind it)

*The 2003 cartoon (development, inception, goals of the show, arguments/fights over direction of the show, ratings problems (like some episodes being 'called off' or 'almost banned' or so forth, pushing the envelope with episodes like Same As It Never Was and some of the other 'darkness' in certain episodes). Interviews with the voice actors of the 4 main Turtles (like what was done for the 80s cartoon). Development/making of Turtles Forever, and etc.

*CGI TMNT 2007 - general inception/development/making of the film, ideas that were abandoned for one reason or another (for example, Raph was supposed to die at the end and then come back...maybe have the director or such go more in-depth as to what exactly was going to happen during that sequence...was he going to sacrifice himself to save Leo? Go a different way?). Sequel Plans, Reaction when the film came out, etc.

*Comics - Kevin Eastman about the ideas behind developing Bodycount, the Image Comics (and their ideas, reasons, goals, and so forth with the direction they went towards), and at least a general showing of the various comic book versions of these characters.

*Video Games - if nothing else, just touch with someone like James Rolfe or perhaps even the makers of the games to give at least a brief view of the video game history of these characters. At least the Arcade and NES/SNES ones.

That's just a handful. Lot more could be done.
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