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We're not getting any more info until Oct. 7th so in about a month and a half. I'm super hyped.

I hope it includes stuff from all movies, including characters. It's fun when Hammond and the others are giving you missions.

Originally Posted by Wildcat View Post
Oh this freaking amazing. Very surprising with the mobile games available for (basically) free.

I had the JW builder for over a year and just recently deleted it because it is RIDICULOUSLY tedious.

Please nobody say that's the point or just pay...because I have had The Simpsons Tapped Out for years and never once paid real money. It is very well balanced for those who play free as are other builders. JW is not one of them.

It is set up to take as long as humanly possible without paying (or cheating). Everything requires an outrageous amount of in-game currency/time even for the lower level tasks. It's like 1 step forward 10 steps back. All the YouTube videos are either paid subscribers or hacked.

This sounds like an exaggeration but it's not. Given all the content in the JW mobile game I'm guessing it would take 10-15 years to unlock everything for free. That's if you grind and play nothing else.

Ya know nobody is gonna understand unless they play it for a few months and compare it to other city building games. I've read the same complaints on other sites.
I've wanted a new JP Sim game that I was an avid player of both Jurassic Park: Builder and Jurassic World: The Game.

I started playing JP Builder as soon as it was either released on Android or my mobile device was able to handle the game, can't remember which one was the problem but by the time I finally got around to it they were already in the Ice Age animals "expansion/update" and I built an awesome park sans T-Rex since it was almost impossible to get him for "free". I played for about a year before I stopped because I got tired how I needed to pay money to continue playing.

When the hype of Jurassic World got to me I started playing Jurassic Park Builder again and got some of the new stuff and somehow got enough currency to get the T-Rex, after that I got burnt out again because I was also playing the JW game. When I stopped the newest update was still the water "expansion/update". I think since then they added the Indominus Rex and I don't know, the game is uninstalled, a part of me wants to just check but the god damn micro-transactions will piss me off.

I had a similar experience with JW The Game, as soon as it was available I started playing it and I remember the different currencies worked differently than in Builder even though they used the same ones so I was happy when I was getting so many of the "difficult" ones only to realize that here they were worthless The added fighting mechanic was kind of cool though the hybrid crap was crazy and yes like you mentioned even more crap micro-transactions. I played for a few months but I eventually quit since I couldn't get what I wanted.

The thing is I wanted to love the games but they're not built to be fun and just to get your money. I'd rather pay $60 and have the full game than pay four dollars to get fake currency to buy one dinosaur in a never ending process, so I'm static we'll finally have that option. A sim game not designed from the ground up on getting your money but instead in being fun.
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