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That new RangerCrew link doesn't work for me, I get stuck in the DDOS protection page :/ but it's a new message board right? The old one is gone as are all the old posts ? so many great discussions lost in that case.

Originally Posted by Spike Spiegel View Post
If you could only own/watch one PR season for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?
MMPRs1, why? Nostalgia.

I do like other seasons besides MMPR and yes other seasons are better written but MMPR has a certain charm that later series just don't have. The cheesy plots are nostalgic as are the aesthetics, I like dinosaurs, it features the best non-morphed fights, the character interactions are the best of any series, sure they all had their specific traits but the chemistry between the actors hasn't been felt in any other show. I could easily watch this alone for the rest of my life while other seasons I would get bored.

If I can't choose MMPR to make it more interesting it would likely be RPM as it featured the most interesting storyline the show has had and mixes humor with drama rather well or maybe SPD, it was the series that got me back into Power Rangers, it had humor, action fun and built a fun universe.
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