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Not only is Cubed correct yet again, but I say he is not going far enough with his post. Clearly this forum is named after "The Technodrome" of the original series. As an official drome t-shirt wearing member I know what I'm talking about.

Clearly many of the users we have now have not only not watched the entire OT but have never even visited and seen this month's POTM! Most only know the forums and not what this site is a tribute to, hint: It's the original cartoon.

I remember when even discussing 2k3 was debated about, so I say we close all non-OT TMNT sections as well and that way all users will be forced to discuss the Fred Wolf cartoon only. We can maybe allow discussion of the original TMNT trilogy and Archie/Mirage comics. Of course we don't need to alienate everyone and any non-OT TMNT discussion can all be held in a single "Other TMNT media" thread where anything post-1999 TMNT related can be talked about.

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