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Just...way too serious.
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I have to put this disclaimer in and then I will respond: sexual harassment is gross and I do not think it’s ok. I have been through it. Most women have. Not condoning.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, what exactly do you think a business should do to accommodate its employees? What if one employee wants a special accommodation that causes a hardship for another one? A perfect non-threatening example from my office is the air conditioning. A couple if the ladies asked that the temperature be raised because they were cold. Changing the temperature in the office is a convoluted process that involves forms, but they got it done. Everyone else in the building is now uncomfortable and hot so that the building services folks could accommodate these two ladies. Is that ok? I want to not be burning up all the time. Why can’t they wear a sweater or have a lap blanket? Are their feelings more valid than everyone else’s?

It’s really easy to just say everyone should always be made to feel super safe and fuzzy all the time, but in real world practice, it’s impossible.
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