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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
Is Your Thermostat Sexist?

I post this because I find it interesting, and yes I'm well aware that the title is more than a bit clickbaity.

There is no way to make everyone happy, but there's usually a way to make a lot of people comfortable.

I would be curious to know what the dress code at your place of employment is. Because one way to help with this situation would be allowing people who are too warm to augment what they wear to work.

Surely a dude in a wool suit is going to be able to handle a far cooler temperature than a woman who is required to wear a dress to work.

And sometimes being cold isn't just a matter of putting a blanket on your lap.
My previous office building had an air conditioner that Reddit 55 degrees all year round. And because I sat next to it I was always 55 degrees all year round.

In the summer it was easy to manage I would open the window and let the air conditioning go outside.
But in the winter I had gloves a hat and a scarf on at my desk.
We have a pretty liberal dress code for a bank because we are not customer facing, but tank tops and sleeveless are not allowed and skirts and bottoms must be no higher than mid- calf. But denim and stuff like that is ok. Our windows donít open and we are on the west side of the building, so after 1:00 or so we als get direct sun into the office. Itís miserable. Also this is Alabama. It is routinely over 100 F in the summer here.

Problem is, you can put more clothes on. Canít take more off after a cerrian point. Temp in the office was 72. Now is 78. No one but these two complained at 72.
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