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The biggest problem is.... Venom is basically evil Spider-Man with big teeth. It's hard to somehow make a movie about him without Spider-Man in it at all since his entire motif is evil Spider-Man who's out for revenge on Spider-Man. If the movie has any sort of motive besides revenge on Spider-Man, it's already doing it wrong.

The only way I could see it if you somehow skip the origin and go straight to him being a Lethal Protector and fight against Carnage. But you know the first movie usually has to be an origin story somehow, so I have no idea how they plan to do an origin story without Spider-Man. Some other villain might work that's not as closely tied to Spider-Man, but again, Venom is basically evil Spider-Man.

This is just dumb. The general public is frothing at the mouth to see Venom they seem to have forgotten he's a damn Spider-Man villain and a movie without him won't work. Basically it's like making the Man or Steel be about Bizzaro instead of the real deal and have him fight Doomsday, with no mention of Superman at all.
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