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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Yeah, and again, while they might possibly create the perfect rendition of Agent Venom..... its not the Venom anyone is going to want. Plus, Flash Thompson has only been seen as douchey in cinema so it would be weird to suddenly see him as a hero and losing his legs in a war. It sure as hell can't be the same youngster from Spider-Man Homecoming.
I agree with the former. The latter, who knows... maybe between movies Flash does and it becomes this heart-wrenching thing. Back on the former... yeah. So many people complained about Topher in SM3 (even though he, from my understanding... played about an 85% accurate Ultimate Spider-Man version of Venom, which was popular at the time) saying they wanted the Todd McFarlane Venom... it'd seem a very strange choice to me now for Sony to go with the "flavor of the month that didn't endure in some random 2010s comics" version of Venom (Agent Venom or whatever) for their big screen experiment that everyone already expects to fail.
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