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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
You know, now that Zak has shown up, I just had a thought.

Are the Neutrinos of IDW being given the same Pedestal of Goodness™ that the Utroms had in their first few Mirage appearances?
Until Laird found the muscle to reveal that they weren't as peaceful as they seemed?
Sure, they're more willing to resort to violence to protect themselves, but I'm not buying the idea that they're absolute Good Guys in Dimension X.
Utrom Empire shows they were involved in the Rebellion against the Empire - something I think Krang should have brought up while he was invading - but we don't really know why. They shouldn't have been surprised that he'd attack them though and that's the part that concerns me about them.

Given how the series has been running, I trust the writers to address their skeevy side, which they've got to have, while they're also working on the Utroms that Honeycutt has faith in.

Something about them seems a little:
Are the Neutrinos inherently good? Like most other creatures, I'm going to say no.

Besides, I did suspect that they made the Neutrinos larger and more serious so they could introduce the Ultimate Ninja without the complications of having two races of interdimensional elf-goblins running around. Bobby debunked my suspicions of course but you never know, down the line and new plans, that kinda stuff...
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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