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TMNTU #21 was great! I especially liked how there were a few more details about the war sprinkled through.
In the conversation about growing vegetation for the Triceratons, I envisioned two solutions on my own . Part of which made me realize that it never came up on what the Utroms have been eating.
In my mind, they're pescetarians; they're obviously carnivores, but their options are pretty limited. So if they're able to somehow drag in fish and shellfish from outside of the island's cloud, some of the problem could be solved. The inedible parts could be used as fertilizer to go around the "we can't go there" route.
The other one is trickier, because I don't think they can get enough pipes down there unless they knock down a few of the disused buildings Krang's scientists are no longer in. Nor would they have the time, potentially.

I'm surprised Kleve didn't suggest using some of the surviving forest area; it's where things are growing successfully, and would go under an ulterior motive of making Leatherhead easier to track down.

But, Ma'riell's vertical agriculture idea is better

I did notice something, though.
Was Kleve supposed to be speaking in these last two panels? It looks like he was supposed to.
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