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Originally Posted by TheSkeletonMan939 View Post
I'd suspect most have been lost to time, but there was one site where someone collected a bunch of random TMNT 2003 videos - Under Manhattan. Most if not all of them are from season four.

This old site has a TV spot for a season one episode. It's pretty neat to just click around the site.
Thanks for the season 4 link! I haven't checked everything out yet, but obviously this is stuff that I haven't seen in more than 8 years! The season 4 KB preview also had a version with the Shredder in it, but I can't find it anywhere. The FoxBox site is nothing new to me, but the "The Shredder Strikes Back Part 2" preview was my first glimpse at what the cartoon was actually like (I got into the series a little late, around mid August of 2003).
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