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Name: Chandler Carbonelle
Age: 17
Hair: Dark Blond/brown, Short, spiked up in front
Eyes: Green
Tall, average build, intelligent
Weapon: Black collapsible compound bow, black metal quiver with magnetic bottom to hold in carbon fiber arrows. He uses both sharp and blunt arrows, and also has rigged an arrow that opens into a grapnel with an industrial strength cord. It can be retracted into a small metal spool attached to a thick black belt.
Abilities: archery, gymnastics
Look: Chandler wears gray khakis with low white shoes, a green tshirt with a black zip up hoodie over it. he often wears green tinted archery goggles on top of his head.
Personality: Chandler is usually very calm. Despite sometimes appearing to be cold or stern on the outside, he is very empathetic, and refuses to kill anything even with an arrow.

Chandler is the cousin of April O'Neil. He lives in Illinois with his family but recently moved to New York. He lives with his and Aprils aunt, the same one she stayed with when her dad was kidnapped.

Chandler has practiced archery since he was young and has won awards for it in both states he's lived in. He's also been involved with gymnastics for years.

While living with his aunt and April, chandler noticed Aprils consistent long absences, and one day followed her until she disappeared into the sewers. He never brought it up to April or their aunt, but is determined to figure out where she's going.
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