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Name: Nathaniel (Nathan) Lenox

Age: 18

Species: Human

Look: average build, average height, fair tan skin, short wavy light blond hair (formerly brown), light blue eyes (formerly dark blue), wears a white t shirt under a light gray athletic jacket, blue jeans tucked into white high top shoes, and black framed glasses

Abilities: generation and manipulation of electric energy. Can be used in the form of bolts, sparks, static, light, electrokinetic movement, electromagnetism, absorption/amplification of existing currents. Can also manipulate close by electric energy fields. He has a some what limited amount of electricity he can generate though it will constantly regenerate, and he can absorb other existing electricity into his own body. He cannot extend electricity outside his own body if he is wet, as its conducted back into him.

Fairly knowledgeable with computers and other technology

Personality: Nathan is a rather kind person. He is very friendly though he often bumbles when talking to others.

Nathan was an intern at a research-based organization attempting to create an entirely clean form of energy based on molecular generation. They were constructing a machine that would use already existing molecules to generate electricity without any external input. One night he had been told to lock up the building as everyone else has left, and he thought he had figured out the final step in making the machine function. He worked on the program and decided to see if it had worked so he activated the machine. Instantly electricity sparked through the entire building through every and any electrical cord, which happened to be connected to the activation switch Nathan was holding, and it altered his cellular structure and removing some pigmentation from his hair and eyes. He woke up from being unconscious in the hospital, and was told it was a miracle he survived being electrocuted. He later realized the machine had given him his abilities.
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