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Basic Info

Name: Shiro Kame

Other Name(s): Test Subject NS #1303; Maruta; White Bitch

Species: half human/half albino mutant turtle

Gender: Female

Race: Albino Red-Eared Slider

Language: English (native tongue); Japanese (learned in the Foot Clan)

Birthplace: Canada (unknown exactly where); Was captured and then mutated in Dimension X

Birthday: Unknown, sometime in the Beginning of the year.

Zodiac Sign: Unknown (either Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius.)

Religion: Doesn’t quite know yet.

Sexual Orientation: Straight (doesn't really know)

Age: estimated in mid-late teens


Height: 5’2

Weight: 120 lbs

Skin Color: albino white

Hair Length/Style/Color: Purple and goes down to her shoulder and curls inwards with the bangs sweeping across her forehead to the right with
black fringe (white and went down to her waist with no bangs when in the Foot)

Eye Color: Red (turquoise as a human)

Make-up Style: Wears purple eyeshadow with pink lipstick

Piercings/Tattoos: None

Fashion: Prefers street/punk/goth/Lolita clothing. In the Foot, dressed in a black, armored body suit with red accents and metallic grey armor

Scars/Distinguishing Features: 3 scars going down her left eye, 3 diagonal scars between her eyes, 3 scars on her right lower cheek, a sweet heart-shaped brand-scar on her chest with 2 scars going diagonally inside it along with a scar going vertically inside, 3 scars on each deltoid and upper thighs, surgical scars going over body, and a scar going horizontally across the front of her neck. When in the Foot, she just had the surgical scars and the one going across her neck.

Shoe Size(Why not? LOL): DON’T ASK!


Hobbies: Playing video games, browsing YouTube, drawing art, browsing Tumblr, browsing deviantART, reading manga, reading books, reading comics, watching Anime, listening to dramatic reading, hunting Kraang, watching cartoons, training in Ninjutsu

Personality: She is quiet, slightly shy, keeps to herself, has a hard time forming/maintaining relationships. Suffers internal securities, causing her to not push herself unless she feels that she has a chance in doing something. She also does not trust others easily, and is racist/homophobic towards aliens like the Kraang, Triceratons, and others in general.

Likes: Anime, Manga, Cartoons, pre-2000 live action sit-coms, Comics, novels, drawing, art, sweets, desserts, J-pop culture, most music, blood, burgers, pizza, nachos, potato chips, video games, Steam, Nintendo

Dislikes: Most vegetables, crappy cartoons like Kung Fu Dino Posse, most Nickelodeon and Disney live-action shows, traitors, idiots, aliens

Intelligence: Average

Strengths: Her mutation has increased her senses thanks to her species change to a half turtle/human mutate. Her eyesight, smell, and strength have been increased, thanks to her turtle side. She also is very persistent, determined to not let what happened to her over 5 years ago with the Kraang happen to anyone else.

Weaknesses: While her turtle mutation has given her an advantage, it has come with a price. While her hearing hasn't weakened, her highly sensitive nerves in her back can be a problem; a well-placed hit can leave her in excruciating pain for over an hour, paralyzing her. Thanks to having no shell, she has no way of protecting her back from that kind of attack. Her inner rage, hate and insanity can land her in a ton of trouble, given how easy it is to get a rise out of her.

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu

Weaponry: katana and wakizashi; sometimes wears a metal gauntlet on her right forearm with retractable blades; later carries around a laser blaster rifle and a pistol

Special Abilities: Enhanced speed, durability, stamina, flexibility, agility and strength

Phobia(s) : Insects, heights, deep waters (fear of drowning), being trapped (claustrophobic), death itself, torture, doctors, labs, the single thought of surgery not her own, not being in control of a situation

Pet: A female hedgehog named “Sally” and a pet turtle named “Hunter.”

Theme Song:
UNLIMITS – Haruka Kanata;
Sim Gretina – Runaway (feat. Kathy-Chan);
Deadman Wonder Band – From the Heart (feat. Fade)

Timeline (Will include important moments during certain ages.)

0-11: grew up with a normal life in Canada with her parents.

12: Was captured by the Kraang as a test subject. Was taken to Dimension X and mutated to be a bio-weapon after failing as a means to harness the mutagen as a backup plan if they couldn't find April O'Neil.

12-16: Was trained in the Foot Clan as a kunoichi in Tokyo, Japan. She mainly kept to herself, mainly due to her insecurities about being different and a freak. She did become close with Karai and her sensei, Torao.

16: Was sent to NY to help deal with the turtles. Due to having less experience and training than those in her clan and even the turtles, she would always fail in her endeavors. Her sense of loyalty and sense of justice would soon clash with each other when Shredder allied the Foot with the Kraang, causing her to be divided between staying with what she has even known or dealing retribution on those who tortured her for months.

17: Shiro eventually decided that, after the Technodrome nearly mutated the planet, that her loyalties with the Foot were misplaced. She then started taking out some of their operations with the Kraang, deciding that it would be better to be dead than to be mindless slaves or tortured test subjects under those disgusting, pink alien brain squids. Unfortunately, she eventually was caught and arrested by Karai. She was kept in a prison cell until the Kraang reclaimed their former test subject, taking her back to Dimension X to continue what they started. After a DX month, Shiro escaped through another Kraang portal, but ended stranded on an alien planet instead of being back home. Now, she's trying to survive as a fish out of water, while finding a way home to get away from all the "dirty, idiotic, arrogant, spiteful, hostile, repulsive, brutish, alien freaks."
Shiro: Post Foot Clan Exile

Shiro as Shinigami

Mackenzie Monet/Premutated Shiro

Demutated Shiro (Foot Version)

Demutated Shiro (Post Foot/Undercover)

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