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Steve maple reboot (aka trying to fix him)

Name: steve maple
Age: 626 but looks late 40's to early 50's(depends on the story) and is as health as a 40 year old always
Height: 5'3"
Home: his store or a manor (depends on the story)
Species: mutate (enhanced thru magic)
Strength: 950lbs
Speed: 30mph
1)enhanced speed and strength

2)semi-immortal(as long as he can drink his elixer)


4)turn to silver dust and manipulate and create it to use as weapons

5)regeneration(as good as old man Logan's thanks to lifetimes drinking the elixer of life)

6)turn any metal to pure silver(his elixer is a copy so hence it can only do silver not gold)

Fighting style:


Weapons: his Magic Cane(it is unbreakable and can be used as a boomerang or a pogo stick)

Object of power: The White Phial (has the elixer of life contained in it enuf for two sips a day a sip saves him from death by instantly healing him it refills every 24 hour's)

Bio: owner of many shop's over the years and known as a ritch self made man he has come a long way from where he started as a alchemists who told away to invent the philosopher stone with his partner unfortunately he found that to make it required life a sacrifice well he wanted to scratch the project his partner kept it going in secret eventuly making one fearful of what his now deranged and delusional partner who had started calling himself a god would do Steve struggled to find a way to challenge him it was then he invented the white phile a simple small bottle with a ability to refill itself with whatever liquid is placed in it using all his cunning and skills he managed to steal a drop of the elixer of life from his old partner's philosopher stone and place it in the phile from then on he kept the phile on him drinking from it daily as such it is a bit of a watered down form of the philosopher stones power giving him silver instead of gold

durability: 4
energy: 5
intelligence: 5
speed: 3
strength: 3
(This is my attempt at fixing some mistakes)

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