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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Oh we ALL know THAT'S always going to be a thing. FW ain't going anywhere, much to some people's annoyance.

Although even then I have noticed TMNT seems to be in a bit of a lull anyhow, and prior to 2012 ending, as I'm not seeing as many adult shirts and stuff either for probably the second half of this year or so. There's stuff out there, but not like there had been and mostly the same old thing.

I'm disappointed there are no adult PJs or the women's footies (that aren't really footies) in my store like the last two years. Still kick myself a little on missing the cute Leo one that sold pretty well Christmas of '15 when there was still some hype over the newest movies. (Though he is favored over Leo, the Mikey not-really-footie PJs didn't sell nearly as well last year post movies.)

I don't really foresee the new direction they're taking ending a lull at some point. But maybe that's okay... it gives more serious TMNT a little down time before hopefully taking their place back.
Friend of mine said there was some in the Walmarts near me...but I can't find any either.
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